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Squeeze&Grow™ (Booty Trainer)

🍑 Do you think your Booty is a little too flat , a little too small , not round enough or just not big enough ? Would you like to have a fuller & rounder Booty? 🍑

😍 👌🏼  Search no more ! We have the perfect solution for you ! 👌🏼 😍 


  • Have a bigger , rounder & fuller booty & prevent hips and glutes from sagging.
  •  Grow your self-confidence by growing your booty .
  • This product will help you to tone, tighten, and firm your hips and buttocks in the way you always wanted.
  • Targeted pelvic floor muscle training helps reduce weak and sagging butts.
  • Adjustable resistance
  •  easy to use and small size, can be carried to the gym.
  •  Improve sexual function by having better & stronger orgams
  •  Improve blood circulation of the lower body , limbs , muscles and buttocks more flexible
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve urinary incontinence 

Our Squeeze&Grow™ strengthens the pelvic floor muscles , trains your hips , thighs , glutes & lower abdominals. The Squeeze&Grow™ Exerciser also promotes a natural ‘push pull’ motion with gentle resistance at the thighs to help develop, strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor including the buttocks, thighs and lower abdominal.

The lightweight stainless steel design is vinyl padded for comfort, and the adjustable tension can be increased as you progress and your muscles strengthen. Our Squeeze&Grow  is suitable for both men and women. 




    1) Place the Squeeze&Grow™ on top of the thigh. Adjust the exerciser until it clings to your hips. Make sure the large open end of the exerciser is placed under the buttocks with the narrow end facing the front of the body.

    2) Use the upper thigh and gluteus maximus to squeeze

    3) Tighten the muscles and slowly count to 10, tightening the muscles as tight as possible for maximum benefit. Relax your muscles for a few seconds and repeat the exercise several times, repeat 10 times a day.


    Who can benefit from Kegel exercises? Anyone, at any age, who wants to train , tone , tighten & grow their buttocks. Anyone who suffers urinary incontinence or leaks urine. 
    Are there any other benefits to Kegel exercises? Yes. Kegel exercises aren't just good for improving urinary incontinence or growing a bigger butt. They are often recommended in sex therapy as there was an accidental "side effect" discovered about the sexual benefits. The pelvic floor muscles contract more strongly during orgasm once they are strengthened.