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TLM™ Face Shield Pro


This Face-Cover Protective Shield is an essential daily necessity that should be equipped in this critical period to safeguard the health of yourself and the other's. The anti-scratch and durable cover prevents direct contact of the droplets to your body, hence lower the chance of getting infections

By covering the face area from forehead, eyes, nose and the chin, the shield can keep particlesfrom air like droplets, dust or other harmful substances away. There is an elastic headband that is adjustable and  easy to wear. The shield cover fits all face shapes, it is comfortable for people who wear glasses or goggles. Protect yourself and the others, let's get it now!      


  • All-Round Protection: The shield covers the face area from forehead, eyes, nose and the chin, the particles from air like droplets, dust or other harmful substances can be kept away.

  • Lower Infection Risk: It reduces the direct contact of air particles like saliva or sneezing droplets from the others, hence lower the chance of getting potential diseases by droplets transmission.

  • Washable & Reusable: The shield can bewashed and sterilised by cleaning supplies. It is easy to clean. 

  • Fit All Face Shape: There is an elastic headband for easy wearing. It is flexible for length adjustment that fits all face shapes and size. People who wear glasses can wear it with comfort.   

  • Durable Material: It is made of durable plastic with HD clear view. The cover is anti-scratch and durable for daily use.


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Size: 29cm X 22cm 


  • 1 x Face-cover Protective Shield

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order 

Customer Reviews: 

Dee Thompson: Verified Purchase ✅

I love my shield

Stacy Watson: Verified Purchase ✅

The shield is comfortable to wear. It is a clear plastic that is convenient to wash after use. Must wear it for this period.


Sandy Rogers: Verified Purchase ✅

The cover shield is easy to use. For daily use I wear this all the time whenever I go out as I feel more safe with it. My eyes, nose and mouth got covered.


Jayati Ghoshal: Verified Purchase ✅

I like this protective cover, it is light and convenient to put on to keep distance from people around.


Uschi Höss: Verified Purchase ✅

I bought mine last week! Great innovation


Kav Riles: Verified Purchase ✅

In this current situation this is the best thing to protect yourself.Best Stuff to Buy.Just ordered Mine

The TLM™ Face Cover Protective Shield Is Designed In The USA For Wherever Life Takes You And Is Built To Last.

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, the TLM™ Face Cover Protective Shield has been selling out fast. The tlmnova.com website updates every hour if inventory is available. As of this morning, there were a limited number of packages available for immediate shipping.

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